About Us

Our experience is rooted in 30 years of passion for Alternative Medicine. We believe that EVERY plant was designed by our creator, and put here for our benefit.

Our Mission

There are many CBD oil companies out there, but CannaBless was created to be superior! We strive to offer superior quality products, facilitate education & support, as well as partner with each client to develop individual health programs. CannaBless runs on the Biblical principals of honesty, integrity, and doing everything to the Glory of God!

Meet Christy

Christy Whaley
Certified Herbalist/Owner

Christy has been involved in the alternative health field her entire life. Raised by a Naturopathic Doctor, she was able to gain knowledge and experience with herbs, vitamins, diet, and other alternative treatment methods at an early age. She became a Certified Herbalist at the age of 12 and was the youngest person to complete the training through the Natures Sunshine University.

Christy’s life-long goal has been to assist people with their health needs through the use of natural medicine. It was in 2016 that God presented her with the opportunity to start her own company, called Faith N Grace Natural Health Center. After successfully assisting thousands of clients, Christy was then presented with the opportunity to create the lucrative CBD oil supplement company known as CannaBless. After witnessing so many health benefits from the use of alternative supplements, Christy truly believes that God has placed her in the health ministry. She often prays with her clients, seeking the supernatural wisdom needed to best assist with each client’s individual needs. She is a mother of three blessed children, and devout follower of Christ. For more information about Christy’s natural health center and the services she provides, please visit www.faithngrace.weebly.com

The CannaBless Name...

Canna (Cannabis) + Bless (favor, provide, grant, given by someone of a higher power)

We named our company CannaBless because we truly believe that Cannabis is a gift from God! We see God using this amazing plant everyday to richly bless the lives of our family & clients. The use of natural medicine is referred to in scripture, and many scholars agree that the word cannabis is specifically mentioned in the bible on several different occasions.

• Exodus, 30:23-25
• Song of Songs 4:10-15
• Isaiah 43:24
• Jeremiah 6:20
• Ezekiel 27:19

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